This official BMW Bluetooth information webpage is a great source of information for supported phones, product benefits etc.  The section of BMW's Bluetooth website titled Supported Vehicles is a little confusing as it does not talk about the ability to retrofit older model BMWs with the BMW Bluetooth system.  Retrofitting BMW's Bluetooth system provides you the same features and functionality that you would otherwise have with the new car BMW Bluetooth system.'s Bluetooth retrofit kits are built of BMW Original parts based on the specific Build date and Model of BMW.  Click the link below for detailed information on your model of BMW below for detailed information.

BMW Bluetooth system in action Nav and Non-nav


BMW 7 Series E38 1995-2001 Year Models


BMW 5 Series E39 1996-2004 Year Models


BMW 3 Series E46 1999-2006 Year Models


BMW X5 1999-2006 Year Models


BMW X3 All Years


BMW Z Series All Years


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