BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free  





7 Series DVD Changer install

Parts required

BMW TV Tuner Modified for Video in Motion - I selected the Nav with TV solution.  Price: After talking with all of the BMW TV tuner guys Nav with TV was the most aggressive on price, and NO cutting of wires.  He offered it to me for $750 for the whole kit and told me that anyone else can get the same price just by mentioning BMWNAV's website. 


TV Tuner Wiring harness - I selected the Nav with TV solution Price: Came as part of the Kit


DVD Changer - I selected the BOSS DVD changer from  Price $236.99!  It was by far the cheapest in price and I am sure in quality, but it seems to be a pretty nice unit for the price.


Alternative Solutions

1) describes in details the part numbers for a self build unit.

Video Module $472.50 uncoded.  - Downside: needs to be coded and will not work while driving

Wiring harness Start with a P/N 61 12 8 377 436 and do some modifications ~ $60.  I have made two of these, and they are not that difficult for the basic cable.  Downside: Need to cut wires in your Navigation harness to splice in, and need to do some additional modifications if you want to add in Video inputs, Audio inputs, rear back up camera inputs, video outputs, audio outputs.  Need considerable time and understanding of electronics to do this one.

 2) TV on NAV  Has a very nice solution.  No cutting of wires and Features include steering wheel control for channels, and external audio control. 

Price $999

3) NAVTV Most well known. Price $1295.  Must splice in wires on Navigation wiring harness

My NavwithTV solution came with everything you see here.  TV tuner and a nicely done wiring harness

Note above on the bottom left of image.  You have a blue connector and a blue connector receptacle.  The idea is that instead of cutting wires like some solutions all you have to do is plug in the Navigation computer connector in this receptacle and then plug in the blue connector into the Navigation computer.  It may sound confusing but it is a VERY SMART way to do it.  To install all you have to do is remove the Navigation blue plug plug it into the receptacle and plug in this plug into the Navigation computer.  Then just plug in the blue and purple connectors on the TV tuner.  That is it!  Then turn on your car.  They have some nice instructions that I will post soon.

First step is to remove the Cover for the rear compartment.

First step is to remove the two plastic screws on the right and the Navigation computer

Their is a special BMW tool that must be used to remove the Navigation computer.  I made mine out of a coat hanger cut in four pieces

The idea with the tool or the coat hanger is to push in just far enough to unlock the spring loaded catch

Close up of what you are doing with the coat hanger.  You only need to push in far enough to unlock the catch.

Remove the trim ring around the Navigation computer

Then gently remove the whole piece.

On the 7 series, or at least on mine, the TV tuner attaches to these two mounts and then I used a nut and bolt for the top hole (no picture, but it is obvious)

After plugging in the Blue connector on the Navigation computer to the blue receptacle on the navwithtv harness and the blue connector into the navigation computer, all that you need to do is hook in these two connectors to your TV tuner and plug in your video and audio inputs.  <Note> The BMW TV tuner only does mono audio.  If you want full stereo, you are going to need to get a soundgate solution. (I don't know anything about these, try )

My Boss DVD changer was a piece of cake to install.  Run video, audio power and then an IR eye for the remote.  <Note>  I am going to change the IR to an RF remote soon, so my IR mount was pretty basic

I opted for the stealth install.  Way back in the back of the trunk.  You can not see it from a casual observance.  You have to stick you head in t find it.

First time I started the car, the TV option came up perfectly

I selected TV and selected the AV option from the menu

Once AV was selected, my 16:9 display was ready for primetime.  The installation was very quick, but I took my time to run the power wires to the rear fuse box for a stealth install.

FYI, I had to read the manual to find the fuse box on the 750iL.  As it turns out the top battery swings away after removing one nut.