BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free  





MKIV Navigation Computer Installation - These Nav computers are only hardware and software version known support BMW Sirius Radio.  Firmware version 3

P/N If you are looking for Sirius supported MKIVs the model number needs to be -03. 

Note: MKIV navigation computers from BMWNAV come preloaded with latest BMW software v23

BMW MKIV and Widescreen Owner's Manual (2004)

Installation of the MKIV Navigation computer is simple in the 7 series and X5.  The 5 series upgrade from MKII requires a little more work, but can be done in about 1/2 hour.  BMW 5 series MKIV upgrade

First step is to remove the Cover for the rear compartment.

First step is to remove the two plastic screws on the right and the Navigation computer

Their is a special BMW tool that must be used to remove the Navigation computer.  I made mine out of a coat hanger cut in four pieces

The idea with the tool or the coat hanger is to push in just far enough to unlock the spring loaded catch

***Warning Do NOT DISCONNECT your BATTERY or PULL the FUSE on an with the Key on or until 90 seconds after your key has been turned off.  Always let your Navigation computer spin down completely allowing the red led to turn off see TIS Supplement on MKIII Computers Although this warning is for MKIII systems it is a good pratice to follow.

Close up of what you are doing with the coat hanger.  You only need to push in far enough to unlock the catch.

BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free

If you are upgrading from an MKII Navigation computer, reach in the access door to the left of the CD Changer and gently pull up on the antenna cable connector attached to the GPS module as shown in the photo above.  Remove this cable, route it thru the back of the Navigation computer frame and connect to the back of your MKIV computer.  You can disconnect the power connector to the separate GPS module as it will no longer be needed.  The MKIV computer has a GPS module built in

Installation is reverse.

Once complete, turn on your ignition to run,  and if instructed, insert your Navigation Computer Software disk and follow the onscreen instructions.  Do Not Power off vehicle, or even close a door.  You could cause irrecoverable damage to the navigation computer.

 ******IMPORTANT.  If you are installing a NEW MKIV, once you install the hardware you will need to upgrade your software.  After installation the navigation computer will prompt you to insert the software CDROM.  If you purchased from BMWNAV, The latest version of the BMW software CDROM should be in your shipping box.  See link for download and installation details

BMW Bluetooth E38 E39 E46 X5 Navigation Sirius Hands-free