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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 January, 2011.

    BMW Bluetooth Eject Cradle Replacement - IPHONE Eject box

    Our Price:  $145.00

    This eject box is for customers who already have the BMW bluetooth system and would like to change their eject box out with a new version that is configured to fit the iphone series of phones snap in adapters from BMW.

    E38 7 Series BMW with bluetooth
    E39 5 Series BMW with bluetooth
    X5 E53 Series BMW with bluetooth
    2002-2004 Range Rover with bluetooth
    X3 BMW with bluetooth requires trim piece from BMW dealer
    Z4 BMW with bluetooth requires trim piece from BMW dealer
    E46 3 Series BMW with bluetooth - replaces cupholders and requires trim piece from BMW dealer
    This snap in adapter also supports other BMW snap in adapters although is configured for the Apple Iphone.

    Detailed Installations instructions will ship with your kit.

    This eject box DOES NOT include the BMW snap in adapter which is also required.
    Optional Snap in adapters

    Images showing Iphone4 snap in adapter and eject box installed in BMW E39 as an example

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