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BMW Bluetooth Kits New Body Style 5, or 6 Series or X5 e70 BMW

Price in US Dollars $675.00

BMW Bluetooth retrofit for X5 E70 (new Body style), E60 5 Series and E63 6 Series
The 2004-2005 North American E60 5 Series and E63 6 Series Bluetooth is the BMW Assist version which will require dealer coding. All other Bluetooth kits for all other model BMWs do not include BMW Assist, and we can provide a loaner coding tool (for a small deposit) for the non Assist Bluetooth version.

Image Below shows optional eject box that does NOT come with Bluetooth kit.

What is BMW Bluetooth?

Bluetooth Functional Overview

BMW recommended phones for BMW Bluetooth System

Bluetooth Features and Functionality

Bluetooth is a new function of the latest cellular phones that allows you to wirelessly connect your cellular phone to other accessories such as a laptop or wireless headset. BMW's Bluetooth system takes advantage of this functionality to allow you to use your standard Bluetooth enabled phone in your BMW providing safe hands-fee operation while driving, plus some additional features such as voice control of your cellular phone and navigation system (if equipped).

The nice thing about Bluetooth is you do not need to physically connect your cellular phone to your BMW. You can keep your phone in your pocket or purse and still use all of the functions. Any of the pictures showing the cellphone phone in a cradle are just illustrating the optional charging and the boosting of your cellular phone antenna using the optional

With the BMW Bluetooth system you can use the BMW steering wheel and radio controls to navigate your cellular phone phonebook, dial numbers, increase volume, ect. The system operates just as your BMW factory installed Bluetooth phone would operate.

Videos of Bluetooth Operation, and pairing instructions

Operational Video

Pairing Video

*Video program mentions "2006" 3, 5, and 6 although the functionality is the same with the BMW retrofit kit. This video program can be downloaded to your video ipod for review while pairing your Bluetooth system.

PLEASE NOTE, this Bluetooth system is different from the other bluetooth systems on our website. The module version and part number are VIN specific and different than the other part numbers on our website due the fiber optic connection. When ordering please provide us your VIN number for us to provide the proper Bluetooth kit for your car. In addition because this BMW Bluetooth system is fiber optic, it MUST be coded. 2004-2005 North American BMw E60 5 Series and E63 6 Series MUST be coded at a BMW dealer, while other Bluetooth kits can be provided with a loaner coding module that can be done with a windows computer and internet connection. This Coding entails the "turning on" of the bluetooth feature in the car. --Bluetooth Coding is required--

Detailed Installations instructions will ship with your kit.

For a pictorial overview of the installation click HERE.

All Kits available for immediate Shipment

BMW Model:

Select the Model of your BMW. Each kit will come equipped with the necessary BMW original parts that are specific to your model BMW. The price differences in the kits are based on the contents of each specific Model version BMW Bluetooth system. Additional Options such as eject box and snap in adapters, as shown below are available for an additional charge


Available Options: --Click next to each option for a detailed information popup window--
BMW Model:  
Select the BMW Model
Internet and BMW Live services:  Click Here for Details
Optional Upgraded Microphone:  
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For more information, please visit this products webpage.
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