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BMW Original Master Remote Key for E46, E39,E38, X3 and X5

Price in US Dollars $299.00

Genuine BMW Master Remote Key.

Please Note: The Key in the photo above is just an example of one of the different type of BMW keys. The key you receive will be the exact version based on the VIN number of your BMW. Different BMW keys look slightly different, however when we order the exact key for your BMW it will be the exact correct version for your car

This Key is a BMW Genuine Part. The Key is an Original BMW, Latest version Master Key with Remote Control, direct from BMW headquarters in Germany. Key will be exact replacement part from BMW factory in Germany Laser Cut by BMW and including Original BMW embedded transponder ignition Lock chip and Remote. (Same key as originally provided with new car delivery)

Key will be shipped pre-programmed for your specific cars ignition immobilizer code (EWS Immobilize/CAS programmed) by BMW Headquarters in Germany. No dealer programming required

Ordering of Key requires registered vehicle owner authorization, with copy of vehicle registration including VIN number and photo ID (copy of Drivers licence or Passport) of vehicle owner.

Key Photo shown on this order page is a generic version photo of a BMW diamond head key, however your replacement key will be the exact specific version required for your car. Each key is ordered with the exact VIN number of your car and may vary in style, but will be the exact correct version key for your BMW.

PLEASE NOTE: Key will be exactly matched to your BMW VIN number, and will be exactly as required for your specific car. it will be the same style key as you received when the car was purchased new. See some common key examples below:

Some Key examples

X5 Key E39 Key
Old 3 Button KeyOld 2 Button Key

We can also order other version original BMW keys for your BMW such as the "service key" - No remote, "spare key" small plastic wallet key, or "illuminated key" - no remote. with flashlight tip. Please contact us for details

Valet KeyLight Key
Valet KeyLight Key

How to program your new BMW Key

BMW Master Key Tips:

Enablng BMW Key and Remote door lock/unlock Enabling: To enable or disable the remote function of a BMW key follow the below process:
To enable: Close and lock all doors. Turn ignition on to Run Position with Original Master Key. Remove Key from ignition. Within 5 seconds, Turn ignition on/off to Run Position with New Master Key. Remove Key
Without opening any doors Press and hold UNLOCK button on new Master Key. Press key LOCK button briefly 3 times within 10 seconds keeping unlock button depressed. Release unlock button. doors will lock and unlock to confirm. Carry out same button press programming procedure for each key within 30 seconds (upto 4 remote keys) to enable all keys on remote door lock system.

If you have lost a key or would otherwise like to disable the remote function of one of your keys, you follow the above process with all keys except the key you would like to remove. The old or lost door remote will be removed from the list of active door remotes by this process and the lost key will no longer remotely unlock your car.

Open all Windows and Sunroof
Pressing unlock button and holding key unlock button in depressed position opens windows and then sunroof. Releasing button at anytime will stop the process.

Close all windows and Sunroof
In some BMWs pressing and Holding key lock button in depressed position closes windows and then sunroof. Releasing button at anytime will stop the process.

Activate alarm without internal motion sensor
Alarm system gradient sensor and interior movement sensor can be deactivated, proceed as follows (if equipped): Briefly press key lock button a second time after activating alarm, central locking and double locking system. (in certain BMWs with the alarm sensor light the light will flash to confirm)
Alarm system gradient sensor and interior movement sensor are switched off until alarm, central locking and double locking system are deactivated.

*Please note. BMW Lighted not available for all year model BMWs


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