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    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 01 December, 2006.

    BMW (& Range Rover) TV Video Module Kit

    Our Price:   $549.00 $749.00

    Depending on the version selected when ordering this item may take an additional 1-3 days before the item can be shipped to you upon ordering
    BMW currently does not support US Digital standard TV reception

    This TV video module has One A/V Input for DVD player or similar AND one Reverse camera input, plus one A/V output for headrest monitors
    BMW TV Video Module Kit.
    This BMW TV Video module kit includes a refurbished, Original BMW TV Video module and wiring harness for your BMW E46 3 series, E39 5 Series, X5, E38 7 Series, Z4, X3 or 2003- 2004 Range Rover.
    This video module supports BMWs equipped with the widescreen (16:9) and smaller screen (4:3) navigation display

    Original BMW TV Retrofit Systems for BMW E38, E39, X5, X3, Z4, E46, and 2003-2004 Range Rovers. This system allows you to view television on the BMW factory navigation display, with options to support Rear Backup camera (activated when car is put in reverse), video input (DVD player or video games) and video output (headrest monitors) with full control via the navigation screen. DETAILS

    All harnesses are plug and play without splicing wires

    You can upgrade your kit with a TV in motion module available from Bimmernav and antenna leads or antenna amps specific to you BMW from your local BMW parts dealer. For example if you are installing in E38/E39/E46 the part numbers are listed below

    In the US, TV reception is provided by using the following AV lead parts:
    65 24 8 362 532 1 Left TV amplifier
    65 24 8 362 533 1 Right TV Amplifier
    65 24 8 369 471 1 Left Antenna Lead
    65 24 8 369 470 1 Right Antenna Lead
    The antenna leads and amps can be ordered at your local dealer

    The Range Rover and BMW X3 part numbers are
    65 25 6 990 093 1 Left TV amplifier
    65 25 6 990 093 1 Right TV Amplifier
    61 11 36 415 125 1 Left Antenna Lead
    61 11 36 415 124 1 Right Antenna Lead

    This TV video module kit consists of the following parts.
    1) Plug and play (no splice) BMW Original Wiring adapter for your car. Please let us know the BMW model and year when ordering
    2) BMW OEM Widescreen TV Video module - refurbished TV module: supports Widescreen or 4:3 navigation monitor.
    3) Audio Video input/output RCA cables for video input/output/backup camera support

    Video input cable connector colors are as follows:

    Green = Audio Output

    Cream = Video Output

    Blue = AV Audio input

    White = AV Video input

    Single wire (any color) not connected to the others = Reverse Camera Input

    Installing this plug and play harness is simple and quick. Disconnect your navigation harness blue plug and plug into the new harness. Connect the remaining plug on the new harness to the navigation computer

    Next, take the Blue connector on the NEW wiring harness and plug it into the Car’s navigation computer.

    On the other end of the television harness connect white connector into the white of the TV video module and the blue plug into the blue plug of the Television module.

    Once you turn your car back on Television will be shown on your screen

    Television Video module overview (Range Rover video, although BMW offers identical functionality)

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