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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 12 December, 2006.

    BMW 7 Series E65 (2002-2003) Bluetooth Upgrade Kit

    Our Price:  $395.00

    Bluetooth Upgrade Kit for the 2002-2003 BMW 745i, 745li, and 760iL equipped with the BMW telephone option Motorola CPT-8000 Timeport phone version.

    If your BMW 7 Series E65 2002-2003 is equipped with the CPT-8000 Telephone this upgrade module is for you. This kit ONLY supports the 2002-2004 USA and Canada Model 7 Series E65/E66, and does not support other BMWs. This module has a specific connector ONLY for the BMW 7 Series model year 2002-2003 from North America. 
    Supports Most all new good phones with Bluetooth technology.
    Cars that use this module will have the curly wire under the arm rest as shown below

    The Bluetooth module you will be installing simply replaces the curly wire with a small bluetooth control module. See below.

    Installation is quick and easy.  Please visit E65 Installation Instructions for details.  Simply open the cover of the center arm rest and remove the CD storage tray. Under the tray is the connector for the culry phone cord. Disconnect the connector and replace with the Bluetooth module connector. Then replace the CD storage tray and put the Bluetooth module in the phone holder.

    This module plugs operates in the 2002-2003 BMW 7 Series that were equipped with the BMW Motorola CPT-8000 Timeport phone which are North American version 7 series. Installation is quick and easy. Kit comes with detailed installation instructions. This Kit is wired specifically to the 2002-2003 7 Series E65/E66 telephone system and DOES NOT support other BMW models. If your BMW 745i, 745li, and 760iL is equipped with the CPT9000 phone system, please see the kits on other order page that connects to the phone. The CPT8000 system has the curly wire and the CPT9000 phone system has no curly wire to plug in the phone.  For details see User Manual

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