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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 12 April, 2006.

    BMW ULF Module 84 10 9 154 358 13th Gen
    [358 ULF modu]

    Our Price:  $625.00

    BMW ULF Module Part number 84 10 9 154 358

    Available part numbers of the Bluetooth ULF (Bluetooth Brain) from BMW

    84 21 6 934 552 end of life 06/03 1st generation
    84 21 6 938 610 end of life 10/03 2nd generation
    84 21 6 934 961 end of life 03/04 3rd generation
    84 21 6 950 089 end of life 06/04 4th generation
    84 21 6 945 387 end of life 01/05 5th generation
    84 10 6 955 522 end of life 10/05 6th generation
    84 10 6 969 268 end of life 04/06 7th generation
    84 21 6 958 358 end of life 05/06 8th generation
    84 10 6 987 546 end of life 9/06 9th generation
    84 10 6 980 130 end of life 11/06 10th generation
    84 10 9 133 329 end of life 01/07 11th generation
    84 10 9 145 007 end of life 05/07 12th generation
    84 10 9 154 358 current production 13th generation

    Click link for Changes in ULF Module Versions

    This ULF module is used in the following BMWs
    BMW 7 Series 1995-2001 E38
    BMW 5 Series 1996-2003 E39
    BMW 3 Series 1999-2006 E46
    BMW X5 1999-2006 E53
    BMW X3 All years
    BMW Z4 All years
    BMW Z8 All years
    Mini Cooper with navigation and multifunctional steering wheel
    Range Rover 2003-2004

    The BMW ULF module is the brain of the BMW Bluetooth system. This ULF module provides the Bluetooth connection to your cellular phone, and voice control of your Bluetooth phone and navigation system (if equipped). The BMW ULF module functions are described in detail in this Link.

    This ULF module is a highly recommended upgrade in our Bluetooth Retrofit kits, as the performance is much greater than the older Bluetooth modules.

    The new 13th generation ULF module started production in May 2007! with significant hardware and software changes for optimizing the hand-free audio quality, speeding up the connectivity between Bluetooth devices and support for additional Bluetooth phones. This ULF module has been widely used in many BMW retrofits although is not available for purchase from US BMW dealers. Purchases only can be made in large quantity international shipments such as BMW Germany.

    We have found the 84 10 9 154 358 ULF module to be a significantly better performing ULF module than the previous generations and would recommend this version to anyone considering Bluetooth.

    The 13th generation ULF modules, supports a large phonebook capacity of 1,000 names in the address book vrs only 500 names in the previous generation ULF modules. A noticeable difference can be found when pairing new devices or entering the vehicle as the new generation ULF pairs to your phone quicker

    The 13th Generation ULF module is the latest BMW Bluetooth module version that supports the Apple Iphone

    Bimmernav's pricing for the ULF module as a stand-alone part is listed at 10% OFF Worldwide BMW Dealer MSRP (not available from US BMW dealers due to stockpile of older version bluetooth modules)

    *When purchasing a BMW Bluetooth Retrofit kit from Bimmernav, the ULF module price is additionally discounted when included as part of the kit.

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