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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 March, 2006.

    Booster amp Bluetooth System Audio Booster Amp

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    Additional AMP to boost audio

    In some of the early BMWs (pre 2001) that were equipped with the BMW radio produced by Alpine, the audio for phone is considerably lower. This limitation was compensated for with the BMW HIFI stereo systems such as DSP. If after installing your Bluetooth system the audio volume is too low, first try the following steps and then your next option is to add an additional telephone amplifier as shown below:
    With the ignition on press and hold the pairing button to activate voice recognition. Say the command "Volume up" until the volume is maxed out.
    With the ignition on and IN a Bluetooth call, press the volume up on the phone, the volume up on the steering wheel and the volume up on the radio controls. One of those three options should help you out.
    If Equipped with nav, while the ignition is on you can also increase the TP volume in the radio service mode; Radio Service Mode OR Radio Service Mode Old BMW radios

    If none of those options boost your volume loud enough we can provide you with a Telephone amplifier to easily install on your Bluetooth harness
    If you are installing Bluetooth in the following BMWs the amp may be required.
    E46 with NAV produced 08/01 and OLDER
    E46 without NAV and have the BUSINESS TAPE produced 02/01 and OLDER
    E46 without and with have the BUSINESS CD produced 08/01 and OLDER
    X5 with NAV produced 09/01 and OLDER that DO NOT have DSP
    X5 without NAV produced 09/00 and OLDER that DO NOT have DSP
    E39 with NAV produced 08/01 and OLDER that DO NOT have DSP
    E39 without NAV produced 08/00 and OLDER that DO NOT have DSP
    E38 All years without DSP
    Bluetooth system Audio Amplifier Kit -

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