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Support also available for products that are not purchased from Bimmernav.com Online Store $45 per hour for detailed support information and technical documentation of products that were NOT purchased from Bimmernav.com. Phone contact information is for Bimmernav.com presales support, and basic support of bimmernav.com Online Store customers, although an additional, advanced technical support is available for any BMW retrofit or Other Vendors Bluetooth support questions at $45.00 per hour. Fee for service support consists of detailed research into your BMW retrofits, technical instruction and advice as well as detailed technical documentation from BMW if available. We have detailed information on the electronics of most all BMWs since 1995, including phone, navigation, TV, radio, DSP, etc. and can even support basic questions and details on the new BMW Bluetooth system installed in the 2005 and higher BMWs at $45 per hour.

Emails are typically responded to quickest, while the online support forum has most questions already answered that you can immediately search.

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History: I am a huge fan of upgrading the E38 to the latest technology as I have no desire to own a new Bangle style BMW. My upgrading passion started with my wife wanting an E38. I purchased her a 95 740i, without many options and it left a lot to be desired. I immediately started upgrading the 95 E38. The electronic upgrades consisted of one of the first BMW Bluetooth systems in the E38, Full Widescreen DVD Navigation, TV and New Generation E38 CD changer. After finishing restoring an 88 Porsche 928S4 and an 88 BMW M6 and upgrading this 95 7 Series, I was looking for a new project. During mid 2003, I was spending too much time on Ebay somewhat regretting the prior purchase of the 95 E38 instead of a 99 and newer, when all of a sudden I found this incredible Oxford Green Metallic 2001 750iL for sale on Ebay with no reserve with a very attractive price.

Immediately upon getting this 2001 E38, I started doing upgrades, and learning about the electronics. Starting with the navigation display, I upgraded to widescreen 16:9, as this 01 was a 03/00 production and widescreen did not start until 08/00 production. It was a huge improvement in my opinion



The next upgrade was to the MKIII CD based system from the MKII CD based system. The MKII was really slow and MKIII provided a nice improvement in routing

And then M-pars.

The relationship with my 2001 750iL was short lived as not long after doing all of these great upgrades with such a beautiful car, someone gave me an offer I cold not refuse. As nice of a car as it was, I figured I could get another very similar. Then only a couple months later while using my laptop connected with my Verizon wireless modem in the parking lot of a Japanese restaurant, I purchased another 2001 750iL again on Ebay (after talking endlessly to the seller from Bavarian Auto), and the upgrades started again.

This 750iL was a 07/00 production which was produced just one month prior to widescreen display and had the 4:3 Navigation and MKII computer as well. Knowing a lot more about the BMW system, I started upgrading again, and found an opportunity via a friend of mine with Tweeter Stereo, and his relationship with Alpine. I banned together many other E38 owners who also wanted to do upgrades and we pooled our money together to purchase an entire lot of BMW E38 widescreen navigation displays. Anyone who participated in the group purchase was given the group purchase price and then shortly thereafter, I slightly increased the price to cover overhead and make a little profit. From there I conducted a few other group purchases from whoever I could, including people on Ebay who seemed to be able to get good prices

Over time, I read many BMW electronic training documents, and talked with many people in the BMW community to discover ways to install BMW systems in older BMWs and have them operate perfectly with the E38 electronics. With my background in electronics product management, creating product designs within the cellular phone industry and medical industry, coupled with having friends in automotive design, and component manufacturing upgrading the E38 was second nature to me. I have done all of the upgrades listed below and helped many people within the BMW community upgrade their BMWs to the latest technology. Do to an overwhelming demand to upgrade the phone system in BMWs, I have put together kits based on specific build date schematics of the BMW E38, E39, E46 and X5 Currently my wife owns an X5 and I own an E38. I have a pretty good understanding of the BMW electronic system of the BMW and answer many questions about it, and about other upgrades/repairs mostly on automotive forums such as www.bimmerboard.com As of today my E38 has the following electronics upgrades:

BMW New style BM53 radio (2006 X5 trunk radio) with support for BMW Sirius and BMWs MP3 CD Changer

BMW Sirius Satellite Radio with full integration (steering wheel and nav screen control, just like the 2006 X5)

BMW MKIV Navigation Computer

BMW 16:9 Widescreen Display

BMW TV system with TV in motion module and rear backup camera

****(no longer using) Varan Car Computer connected to Dell laptop operating on Aux input into new style radio, and video via back up camera input (not currently connected) Controlled via navigation display with Ibus to Serial bus converter

Aux Audio input for playing of MP3s, or any other audio source

Completely concealed Valentine One w/ Stealth One install shows bogies on instrument cluster

BMW Bluetooth phone system replacing original BMW CPT7000 phone system. Completely integrated with custom made retrofit kit. Now available for sale here

All of my upgrades and passion for the E38 were spawned by others in the BMW community and actively participating in the BMW online forums such as the following:

THE OLD roadfly.org