Why 6.2 inch on DVN-E39?

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Some customers asked why the manufacturer selected to use a 6.2 inch digital touch screen on the DVN-E39 instead of 7 inch on other models such as DVN-E46.

In order to install BMW genuine navigation unit in the BMW X5, you have to remove your factory CD/Casette player and modify the frame. Please refer to installation pictures below

E39 Original Navi Unit Installation 01  E39 Original Navi Unit Installation 02

E39 Original Navi Unit Installation 03  E39 Original Navi Unit Installation 04

E39 Original Navi Unit Installation 05  E39 Original Navi Unit Installation 06

As you could see, the factory stereo frame must be cut and add new metal frame to fix the BMW genuine navigation head unit. We can not accept such destructive modification to our customer's cars! To perfectly fit to original structure and make installation easier, we squeeze the dimension of DVN-E39 core and fit into the frame.

DVN-E39 and factory frame

From the picture above, you can see the CD/DVD slot location is at 28.2 mm from the upper edge of front panel. The rest height on front panel is, unfortunately, not enough for a full 7-inch touch screen. Let us see more pictures what DVN-E39 looks like with stereo frame.

DVN-E39 with frame  DVN-E39 with frame

Everything just fits in! In fact, when you do installation, you do not need to loose any screws to insert DVN-E39. There are two clips to fix the unit to the frame when it is installed. To remove the unit, you just need to use release key. It is quite easy!

Because the front panel of DVN-E39 is much wider and higher than DVN-E46's, you may feel the touch screen is much smaller than DVN-E46 by visual effect. The actual difference of display areas, as you could see in picture below, is small. The resoultion of touch screen on DVN-E39 is the same as that on DVN-E46, 800 x 480 pixels.


NOTE: The design of DVN-E39 is filed and protected by patent law. All rights are reversed.