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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 September, 2013.

    Retrofit kit USB audio interface E90

    Our Price:  $589.00

    ( OEM part number: 65-41-0-445-465 / 65410445465 )
    List Price: $631.18

    Part 65410445465 (Retrofit kit, USB/audio interface) was found on the following vehicles: E81: Details on E81 E81 116d 3 doors
    E81 116i 1.6 3 doors
    E81 116i 2.0 3 doors
    E81 118d 3 doors
    E81 118i 3 doors
    E81 120d 3 doors
    E81 120i 3 doors
    E81 123d 3 doors
    E81 130i 3 doors
    E82: Details on E82 E82 118d Coup�
    E82 120d Coup�
    E82 120i Coup�
    E82 123d Coup�
    E82 125i Coup�
    E82 135i Coup�
    E82 M Coup� Coup�
    E82e: Details on E82e E82e Active e Coup�
    E87N: Details on E87N E87N 116d 5 doors
    E87N 116i 1.6 5 doors
    E87N 116i 2.0 5 doors
    E87N 118d 5 doors
    E87N 118i 5 doors
    E87N 120d 5 doors
    E87N 120i 5 doors
    E87N 123d 5 doors
    E87N 130i 5 doors
    E88: Details on E88 E88 118d Convertible
    E88 118i Convertible
    E88 120d Convertible
    E88 120i Convertible
    E88 123d Convertible
    E88 125i Convertible
    E88 135i Convertible
    E90: Details on E90 E90 316i Saloon
    E90 318d Saloon
    E90 318i Saloon
    E90 320d Saloon
    E90 320i Saloon
    E90 320si Saloon
    E90 323i Saloon
    E90 325d Saloon
    E90 325i Saloon
    E90 325xi Saloon
    E90 328i Saloon
    E90 330d Saloon
    E90 330i Saloon
    E90 330xd Saloon
    E90 330xi Saloon
    E90 335d Saloon
    E90 335i Saloon
    E90 335xi Saloon
    E90 M3 Saloon
    E90N: Details on E90N E90N 316d Saloon
    E90N 316i Saloon
    E90N 318d Saloon
    E90N 318i Saloon
    E90N 320d Saloon
    E90N 320d ed Saloon
    E90N 320i Saloon
    E90N 320xd Saloon
    E90N 323i Saloon
    E90N 325d Saloon
    E90N 325i Saloon
    E90N 325xi Saloon
    E90N 328i Saloon
    E90N 330d Saloon
    E90N 330i Saloon
    E90N 330xd Saloon
    E90N 330xi Saloon
    E90N 335d Saloon
    E90N 335i Saloon
    E90N 335xi Saloon
    E90N M3 Saloon
    E90N M3 CRT Saloon
    E91: Details on E91 E91 318d Touring
    E91 318i Touring
    E91 320d Touring
    E91 320i Touring
    E91 323i Touring
    E91 325d Touring
    E91 325i Touring
    E91 325xi Touring
    E91 330d Touring
    E91 330i Touring
    E91 330xd Touring
    E91 330xi Touring
    E91 335d Touring
    E91 335i Touring
    E91 335xi Touring
    E91N: Details on E91N E91N 316d Touring
    E91N 316i Touring
    E91N 318d Touring
    E91N 318i Touring
    E91N 320d Touring
    E91N 320d ed Touring
    E91N 320i Touring
    E91N 320xd Touring
    E91N 323i Touring
    E91N 325d Touring
    E91N 325i Touring
    E91N 325xi Touring
    E91N 330d Touring
    E91N 330i Touring
    E91N 330xd Touring
    E91N 330xi Touring
    E91N 335d Touring
    E91N 335i Touring
    E91N 335xi Touring
    E92: Details on E92 E92 316i Coup�
    E92 320d Coup�
    E92 320i Coup�
    E92 320xd Coup�
    E92 323i Coup�
    E92 325d Coup�
    E92 325i Coup�
    E92 325xi Coup�
    E92 330d Coup�
    E92 330i Coup�
    E92 330xd Coup�
    E92 330xi Coup�
    E92 335d Coup�
    E92 335i Coup�
    E92 335xi Coup�
    E92 M3 Coup�
    E92N: Details on E92N E92N 316i Coup�
    E92N 318i Coup�
    E92N 320d Coup�
    E92N 320i Coup�
    E92N 320xd Coup�
    E92N 323i Coup�
    E92N 325d Coup�
    E92N 325i Coup�
    E92N 325xi Coup�
    E92N 330d Coup�
    E92N 330i Coup�
    E92N 330xd Coup�
    E92N 330xi Coup�
    E92N 335d Coup�
    E92N 335i Coup�
    E92N 335xi Coup�
    E92N M3 Coup�
    E93: Details on E93 E93 320d Convertible
    E93 320i Convertible
    E93 323i Convertible
    E93 325d Convertible
    E93 325i Convertible
    E93 328i Convertible
    E93 330d Convertible
    E93 330i Convertible
    E93 335i Convertible
    E93 M3 Convertible
    E93N: Details on E93N E93N 318i Convertible
    E93N 320d Convertible
    E93N 320i Convertible
    E93N 323i Convertible
    E93N 325d Convertible
    E93N 325i Convertible
    E93N 328i Convertible
    E93N 330d Convertible
    E93N 330i Convertible
    E93N 335i Convertible
    E93N M3 Convertible