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Shipping & Returns

All Parts listed as in Stock are typically ready for immediate shipment!
Depending on items purchased, some items may be shipped from international locations

BimmerNav will carefully inspect each order shipped for accuracy of content and evidence of physical damage or defects prior to shipping. BimmerNav must be notified within five (5) working days of the receipt by the customer of any discrepancies in the content found for any missing, damaged or defect parts. The customer must report all damages related to shipping to the freight carrier (FED EX, UPS, etc.) within 15 days. All damages related to the shipping process are the responsibility of the freight carrier and not BimmerNav. In general, claims not reported to the freight carrier within 15 days will be denied by the carrier. Denied claims related to shipping are not the responsibility of BimmerNav.

Bimmernav will work with you as much as possible to ensure that you the product you purchased operates as designed in your vehicle. Please note that there are NO RETURNS FOR CREDIT, under any condition. We can only work with you on returns for exchange on non working parts.

Any exceptions to these policies are solely at the discretion of BimmerNav management.

All freight charges and return shipping arrangements are the customer's responsibility, with the exception of parts that are returned and accepted for repair or replacement under the terms of the materials and workmanship guarantee. In these cases, BimmerNav will arrange for pickup or reimburse the customer up to the standard outbound shipping/handling fee charged for that part and, if applicable, return the part at our expense. [Note: deal directly with the shipper (UPS, FedEx, etc.) rather than "handy mailbox"-type storefronts to avoid severe overcharging.]

BimmerNav-brand products: With limited exceptions, BimmerNav-brand parts carry a limited one year guarantee. See the attached sheet (if any) for any conditional guarantee elements specific to the good(s) purchased. The guarantee is limited to the material and workmanship of the product under normal driving conditions, but does not cover failure of the product due to its misuse, faulty installation or the failure of a related part. Due to the extreme stresses of competitive driving, BimmerNav guarantees are voided if the part used in racing applications. Guarantee applies to original purchaser and is not transferable. No warranties of merchantability of fitness for particular purpose, or affirmation of fact, or aesthetic subjectivity such as sound or color, expressed or implied, are extended or granted by BimmerNav.

Non-BimmerNav-brand products: The guarantee or warranty of non-BimmerNav brand parts are the sole responsibility of the original manufacturer and are limited to whatever coverage they provide. Currently BMW parts offer 2 years on parts, and are typically exchangeable at BMW dealers. The product coverage policies of these manufacturers vary: in most cases it will be the customers responsibility to contact the manufacturer directly regarding warranty issues; manufacturers warranty policies and contact information are available from BimmerNav through the contacts below and may be attached by separate sheet to this document.

The liability of BimmerNav, is limited to the original purchase price of the merchandise.
Motor racing is extremely hazardous, death may occur. The products we sell have no warranty or representations made with ability to protect against injury or death. The user assumes that risk. Many of the items sold by BimmerNav are for off-public road use and racing only and have not been tested or approved by any federal or local governing agency and are not approved or recommended for street use. BimmerNav is not responsible or liable for errors or omissions. Prices and policies herein are subject to change without notice.