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    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 18 February, 2007.

    Universal Bluetooth Kit

    Our Price:   $195.00 $375.00


    Universal Bluetooth Kit

    Bimmernav now offers a Universal Hands-free Bluetooth kit for ALL other cars including older BMWs.
    The Bimmernav universal Bluetooth kit is similar to the Mini Bluetooth retrofit kit.

    It provides voice control of your Bluetooth phone in English, Spanish, and French Canadian. Installation is simple and quick. The universal kit comes with Microphone, loudspeaker (to be used if desired), remote control for voice activation and a simple wiring harness.

    The nice thing about Bluetooth is you do not need to physically connect your cellular phone to your Car. You can keep your phone in your pocket or purse and still use all of the functions.
    Automatic connection of your cellphone to the hands-free kit when you enter your vehicle - no need to plug the phone in or dock in a cradle.
    Easy-to-use Speech recognition permitting real hands-free access to the system dial new phone numbers through spoken digits, recall previously stored numbers - up to 32 names each with 4 different numbers (home, work, cellular, pager, setup and program all phonebook features, access all system setup parameters
    Sophisticated digital noise reduction for quiet phone calls even during highway-speed driving
    Audio is played through a Mini KL3 speaker supplied to the kit (or connect to the aux or telephone input on your radio)

    Scansoft speech engine testing at better than 90% accuracy rate
    Idle, 30 mph., 60 mph. with low/high blower
    Continuous, speaker-independent speech recognition for digit dialing
    Sophisticated noise reduction utilizing Clear Voice Capture technology
    Pairs up to five (5) Bluetooth phones per car kit to switch easily between different users
    Capabilities include digit dialing, pre-stored voice tags, re-dial, privacy mode, etc.
    Voice tag dialing
    Stores up to 32 names with 4 locations per tag (home, work, cellular, pager)
    Add voice tags, deleting, editing, listing, erasing capability
    Digit dialing
    Entire phone number or segmented dialing capability
    Microphone mute
    Three (3) voice recognition languages
    English, Mexican Spanish and French Canadian
    Barge-in feature for accessing Voice mail, transferring to privacy mode, etc.
    ? Can incorporate:
    911, towing assistance, roadside assistance, other direct-access numbers
    Indicators available:
    Phone low battery, cellular weak connection, roaming, no cellular connection, phone not connected, currently paired phone does not support this function, phone call completed
    Calls can be transferred to cell phone for private conversations (audio transfer)
    System will connect the user to carrier with three (3) digit calling, i.e. 611
    Bluetooth SIG Certified as Handsfree Profile 0.96
    Easy installation:
    Wiring harness, CIB, Microphone, Speaker, and Control Pad
    Manufactured in Germany by QS-9000 facility

    Detailed Installations instructions will ship with your kit.
    All Kits available for immediate Shipment -
    Basic Information on the Bluetooth system is below

    The Bluetooth system will allow for voice control using the included remote control. is operated by voice control and a separate keypad.

    Kits comes complete with everything that you need to enjoy your Bluetooth system including Microphone and wiring harness.

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